The milestones
As a consequence of a Supplier Development plan, Baccarat Précision acquires full control of process completion with micro-deburring, testing and assembling of hydraulic components for major players of the aircraft industry.
2013: Baccarat Precision, new subsidiary of AEds group
First quality manual delivered by SIAR.
2006: Groupe Aéro Lorraine
Baccarat Precision invested in the construction of new building, in the acquisition of aircraft wheels assembling line and high performance CNC equipments. First agreement to produce aircraft wheels for Messier-Bugatti was signed.
2008: Hydraulic activity
Located in Baccarat (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Baccarat Précision is specialized in precision machining and provides mechanical assemblies to the aircraft industry.
1985: Expanding of production site
1998: New buildings (300K€ +)
1982: RAQ 2 Certification
1969: Baccarat Précision was founded
With 72 employees , Baccarat Précision becomes the principle subsidiary of Aero Lorraine group, specialized in machining and assembling parts for the aircraft industry, in particular landing gears, wheels, brakes and flight monitoring parts.
Up to 2300 square meters of production surface.
AEds (supply chain solutions for the aircraft industry) has acquired 100% of Aero Lorraine group shares. AEds is based in Dreux (Eure-et-Loir, France), 15 employees with a turnover of 6 M€ in 2012. This merger will maximize the knowhow of Baccarat Precision in term of supply chain.