Baccarat Précision focuses on precision machining and assembling of mechanical parts for the aircraft industry under very high quality, control and service requirements.
- Treads mounting
- Leakage test
- Ready-to-assemble kits
- Dynamic balancing
- Rivet annealing
- Gyro riveting
- Prototypes machining
- Production of complex mechanical parts in small and large size orders
- Assembling
- Production of ready-to-assemble kits
Additionnal services essential to the integrator skills
Processes implementation
Manufacturing and assembling precision mechanical parts for the aircraft industry
- Shank heat shock
- Sealing
- Controlled tightening
- Bonding
- Quality management
- Processes management and associated indicators, continuous improvement, Lean Manufacturing, VSM analysis, 8D, FMEA, SPC, 3D automated quality control
- Supply chain
- Raw materials and components supply upon Manufacturing & Sales Plan and Master Production Schedule (MPS)
- Logistics
- Tear two suppliers management
- Test benches