Supply Chain
Benefit from AEds experience and expertise in centralized purchasing allowing complete and efficient management of the supply chain from material supply to final delivery.
- Materials requirements planning upon MRP II for raw materials, castings, stampings as well as components (bearings, fasteners, seals ...)
- Safety stock, safety leadtime, POQ parameters to be set case by case
- Over 3,000 items in stock – Aviation traceabiliy by batch and cure date.
Control, shipping
Manufacturing process control
- CAM software
- Master Production Schedules
- Resources management (machines, people) and load / capacity analyses
- On time production monitoring.
- Short and long term customer material requirements plannings management
- Preliminary and firm orders to be integrated in MRP II system with customized EDI solutions.
Tier two suppliers management
Production scheduling and follow-up
Materials and components supply
Customer interface
- Continuous product control and conditioning integrated in the production cycle
- Delivery using professional carriers (express, normal and internal shuttles).
- Surface treatments and special processes suppliers
- Raw materials & components suppliers
- Subcontractors production cycle management
- Subcontractors’ certifications - Delegation of control.